Custom G-Code in uploaded model

I uploaded a model and didn’t realize I had the modified start and end gcode in it. It isn’t changing the printer in a major way. According to MakerWorld’s blog this shouldn’t matter anyway since it will be re-sliced based on the users printer and filament type. It does still show up in the 3mf when it’s imported into Bambu Studio.

The start gcode changes the amount purged in the beginning of a print, not by a significant amount.
The end gcode has the aux and chamber fan run for 5 minutes at the end of a print.

Should I reupload it with factory gcodes or does it not matter since it will (or should be) negated anyway when its sliced through the cloud?

Also, does that only happen if you import it directly into Bambu Studio? How about if you download the raw file?

MakerWorld only checks each print profiles and confirm it does not contains any modified custom G-code.
This is to protect users from potential destructive G-code (when they open 3mf in bambu studio).

We are going to develop an auto-stripe feature, that could stripe modified custom G-code automatically, so that profile uploaders do not have to remove their own G-code from 3mf manually.

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