Custom material profiles

I am trying to print with Filamentum NonOilen, which has a recommended printing temperature of only 175-190ºC with recommended printing temperature of 180ºC. It degrades above 210ºC.
This means there’s no suitable “material” selection in the X1C for it as even PLA is flushed at 250ºC and all the temperatures used before the print or loading and unloading are just way too high for it.

Is there a solution? Can we get an editable “Custom” material selection with or without AMS with editable temperatures that are respected when manipulating the material?

This would be useful for more than just NonOilen, some PLA filament have much lower temperatures than what is preset and will get burnt if heated to 250ºC.


I am going to do my Carnac the Magnificent imitation and guess that you’re concerned about what you set in the AMS part of the Device tab. If you’re not doing spool failover, it doesn’t matter what type you select here - when you get to the Prepare tab, change the filament preset to one you have created for this filament, where you can specify the maximum temperature it can tolerate.

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Yes, actual printing is done according to the G-Code generated by the slicer and I can set whatever I want there. But for macros done by printer, those seem to use preset temperatures when using AMS (at least I think I saw different temperatures being used for various pre-flight phases). When your filament manufacturer explicitely warns about material degradation at 210ºC, I don’t think you should do priming or anything else at 250ºC. Not using AMS solves that partially.

hmm, don’t understand what you missing?
you can add so many filament profiles as you want … for ex:

here you can see I use many different filament profiles:



I think the complaint is about the temps used when flushing material “PLA is flushed at 250ºC and all the temperatures used before the print or loading and unloading are just way too high for it.” which apparentely to much for his filament.

Those temps are fixed in the “change filajment gcode” - aren’t they ?

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Another use case is when you are using for example CPE or PCTG which is not in a selection and you want to use the backup function - I think as long as the “type” is set to PETG (which is the closest you can get), it would pick whatever PETG is in the AMS but the material is not really the same. This is unlikely to be an issue in practice for most people, but makes it limited for no good reason.

Not if the color specified is different.

You can pick any filament type of those offered on the AMS page. As long as it’s either a different type or different color from other filaments, it won’t be used as a backup. On the Prepare page select the correct filament profile.

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Right. But there are not that many colors, incidentally my CPE HG100, PCTG and PETG are all the same orange :smiley:

It’s the combination of filament type and color that the AMS uses. You can select anything you want for the AMS setup and then choose the correct values on the Prepare tab.

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The CPE filament is not in the list of the basic filaments. I have created a custom filament based on the CPE parameters. Is it a right process in this case. I have not tryed yet.

You can usually just set it up as PETG and only have the right temps and speeds in the slicer.

Can you provide me the right temp settings and the speeds?