Deep scratches on one side of my PEI textured plate

I have had my PEI plate for about three weeks, and I have used it exclusively of the other plates (good adhesion for PETG and PLA). About a week ago I noticed that a deep, recurring scratch shows up on the bottom of the plate, on both sides (see picture).
The scratches have the following characteristics:

  • Show up in the same position in BOTH sides of the plate
  • They are DEEP, and obviously produced by repetitive scratching
  • They keep getting deeper. Whatever it is that is making them, it’s really trying to get through the plate…

Have you seen anything similar to this? Any help will be highly appreciated.

Per the Bambu Lab store, that is working as expected since that area of the build plate is used to clean the nozzle before each print:

It says its “normal over time”. For me its only been 1 week!!! So, is 1 week human time the same as 1 year Bambu time? LOL

Could happen in less than a day. Perfectly normal.

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