Default project path - Where do I set it up?

When I select File>Save Project As my system always goes to a folder called “AppData>Local>Temp>Neutron” and I cannot see anywhere in the preferences to set this to my preferred path.

It seems a very basic facility to have… What am I missing here?

When you save a file in your preferred path, it will memorise and use it in future saves.

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It just remembers the last path you save to/read from. So if you access one project somewhere different, that’s the path you will get the next time.
As far as BS is concerned, there’s no such thing as a “preferred path”

No, not the case.

When I send a model from Fusion to BS it has no idea about previous projects so a Save Project As goes to a ‘default’ location… that’s the bit I’m trying to get to.

That seems a different problem, as it relates to your workflow.
In my case, Windows OS, the last used folder, stays within BS memory.
If you use multiple folders for opening, importing and saving, the default path will change accordingly.

As @JayZay said, it remembers the last location you saved using “Save Project As”. It isn’t associated with the model file.

If you save model “X” to C:\Temp\X, the next time you open and save model Y using “Save Project As” it will open to C:\Temp\X


That’s how it works for me. “Save As” always goes to the directory where I last opened a file.
Regardless, there is no setting for “default path” in the config (on linux, ~/.config/BambuStudio/BambuStudio.conf)
There’s a setting for “download_path” (That’s where it defaults to for web-based opens, like with MakerWorld)
And there’s a setting “last_export_path”, which is the path last I saved a new project to. (Save As) Honestly, not sure what it’s using it for, since my “save as” tends to go to wherever the current project was opened from, or where the stls were imported from if the project is new.

OrcaSlicer behaves a little closer to the way I think you want it to.

OrcaSlicer is my “custom” app in Fusion for 3D printing. When I “3D Print” a model to Orca and then save it as project, it defaults to the folder to which I last saved a project. (Usually “D:\3D Printing\Printed”). So there is not really a setting for a single folder, but once you select a folder it will stay the the same for future projects until you change it.

I think Studio is just trying to save to the folder where it found the .stl. I took me awhile to see what was happening as I don’t usually print from Studio, and I usually export a .step file from Fusion rather than use the 3D print option.

I am using Windows OS. Windows 11.

As for ‘workflow’, once I’m inside BS the workflow is the same as if creating a new project (open BS > click Prepare > click Save Project As), which would open the last path. The only difference is that the model has been planted from Fusion, BUT, in the non-Fusion route there is no model, yet.

Clearly, BS is getting the AppData path from somewhere.

As we can set the Downloads folder path it would not be unreasonable to set the default output path, IMveryHO, of course. After all, I’ve been able to do this in programs such as compilers, video editors, graphics editors, and even Microsoft Office for well over a decade.

Time for a feature request, methinks.

In iOS the “Downloads” directory is mapped in the Settings. That is for the Model Downloads I know, but think it defaults there also unless you change the SaveAs for a certain file, then I know it does hold that pattern.

Well, sort of… @Jayzay is right, but your examplen is not correct in all cases.

It is true, that Studio remembers the last folder used, but that is not necessarily the last save folder.
If you open a new project, and insert a model, say an STL from a folder like “downloads”, and hit ‘Save as’, It will choose the folder from which you opened the model.
But if you open an already existing project, and then import a model into that, then it will choose the folder where you opened the project, and not the model you added.

When importing directly from Fusion, without saving as a file manually first, Fusion dumps the STL (or whatever) in the user-folder, as specified by OP.
And when Bambu Studio subsequently opens that file, it does so as a new project, and then the last used folder is, sadly, the folder in the Appdata folder containing the model, thus making this the folder chosen for the next save.

That’s why, it would be a great addition, to have the choice between “last used folder” or, as I would personally prefer, a predefined folder, but only when saving new projects, that don’t have a “home” yet.

I guess it just depends on how we work, and that’s why choices are (almost) always good. :slight_smile: