Default Sparse infill PetG percentage?

Howdy mates,

I saved my settings and dunno how to check what the original default settings are,
one in particular - what is the default settings for PetG Sparse infill percentage?

And where do I find the blueprint settings to compare stuff I changed?

(I did the save, and the small orange circular arrows that can reset the fiddled setting in particular vanished so thus I turn to your source of knowledge mates)

Appreciate any and all feedback from you forummates!

/Silverbullit the Swede

If you changed a setting of a System preset and saved it, you also had to change the name of the preset. To find the previous value, look at the preset with the original name.

If you did the same with one of your customized User presets and saved the preset to the same name, your previous values are gone, as the history of changed values is not retained after saving the preset.

I may have fumbled something palm smack to my forehead

Can one mistakenly save over the original option “generic petg” choice?

Got my first 3D printer early this year with literally zero pre knowledge going in to this adventure… and tryed to learn as much as I can absorb while fumbling with it.
More painting the learning situation I am standing right now since I never learned to sit back when I was younger. :crazy_face:
Thus I’m really greatful of this helpful forum and all the optimistic forummates within.
So thank you for clarifying this stuff for me! :thinking:

/Old dog… , I mean Silverbullit

I don’t think so…

Try clicking the gear icon on the Filament line and make sure Generic PETG has a check mark. If it is not there, run the Studio installation again. The System presets will be updated.

No, it’s not possible to overwrite the default presets.
If you save it without changing the name, there is a “- Copy” after the builtin preset name, e.g.:

Thank you mate, I’m fumbling with all of this right now… :1st_place_medal: