Delete object in grouped STL file?

Hi All, I want to print the supplied scraper that holds the razor but I don’t want to print the holder. I plan on designing a little caddy that holds all my tools. Is there a way to omit the holder in the STL file? And then, I’d love to move the remaining objects closer together, but that’s not imperative.

Edit: I imported this file into Fusion but editing it is a pain and keeps crashing.

I don’t know the file out of my heart - but if you switch to the object tab, you should be able to select the object you don’t want to print and deselect ‘printable’ or delete it completly.

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Ah yes! Actually it’s the ‘Assembly View’ tab on the far right. I use a Wacom tablet and I guess this slicer doesn’t let me right click with it. I assumed there wasn’t a right click option, but I switched to my normal mouse and sure enough, I can hide or delete it from that view.

Thanks again!

When you import it, if it asks whether to import as object or parts then import as parts.
The entire STL will be selected after import.
Click somewhere else to deselect the set of objects.
Now you should be able to select individual objects and move them or delete them.

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Hmm, I’m not getting any options to import as object or parts. It just appears on the build plate whether I drag the stl on the build plate or go to File > Import. And then if I click off it and click back on the whole thing gets selected. Maybe it’s just this stl, I’ll have to test with others.

It should be said that I’m on a Mac and every single slicer I have ever used has many more bugs than on a PC. But I do have to say that this slicer is the smoothest and most stable I’ve used, I can’t notice any immediate bugs, it’s really pleasant to use.

Either way, going to the Assembly View worked for me.

In Bambu Studio, make sure nothing is selected (hit ‘esc’ or click anywhere else other than an object so no white brackets are around the group of objects you want to select from.

Hold down ‘alt’ and click on the object you want selected. That should select just the single object out of a group.

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