Details lost during slicing

Hi everyone,

Pretty new to the Bambu Studio and would need your help.

We’ve created a model in Fusion360 that is a stamp with some text.
When importing the model, the text is shown correctly but after slicing it, we lose half of the text.

But after the slicing, text is lost

I tried to play with the quality parameters and speed but no luck.

Any advice or good tips?

Your nozzle can only lay down lines roughly as thick as the nozzle diameter. Anything smaller is normally not possible.

So you could switch to a smaller nozzle like the 0,2mm one and slice it again to see how that would come out but I am afraid, FDM is just not the right prozess for such details.

MfG Christian

What you could try is to change from ‘classic’ mode to ‘arachne’ - arachne is a bit more flexibel in case finer details are required.

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Hi Christian,

Thank you for your reply.

While it makes sense if the details would be really too small, in this case, I was able to slice it correctly with CURA and print it on an old ProFab (Monoprice MP mini) with a 0.4mm nozzle.

So it seems more likely to come from some parameters that I don’t grasp yet or a slicer algorithm that drops some vertex.

Did you figure this out? My Prusa M3S with .4mm nozzle can print fine detail text. If I select my Prusa in Bambu Lab Studio and slice my model, the text shows with all the detail. If I select my Bambu Lab P1S and slice, the text loses most of the detail. In other words, I can see the loss of detail by looking at the sliced model in Studio. It must be a printer configuration setting or simply some hard-coded limitation in the P1S printer settings.

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I would like to re-activate this subject. I have exactly the same issue as the one described by mx1m3, with Bambulab Studio configured for an X1C.

And as mx1m3, no problem with Cura and my old Tizyx printer.

Could anyone figure it out ?

Have you checked the font? I have some models that look great in one slicer and look terrible in the other. Turns out there are errors i.e. broken manifold surfaces in the models that some slicers don’t show. Some printers can sort of cover it up but the parts tend to be weak in those areas. It seems to be on the top and bottom that you have the most missing data.

Also just for a test try making the font bigger, sometime even a little larger fixes things.

Try slicing in a different program and then re-import into bambu labs. Many times I’ve fixed errors that way

I can confirm the the Bambu slicer struggles with certain fine details, not just text.
This even happens for models where the to be sliced areas are clearly wider than the nozzle diameter.
The issue is more dominant with STL files and a bit less with STEP files.

While changing to Arachne can fix certain things it still fail in many cases.
For some strange reason DECREASING the accuracy in the advance tap often allows for those models to slice just fine.
Like by changing the default resolution from 0.012 to 0.5 or 0.1.

It certainly is a firmware/machine setting issue.
The Bambu slicer simply fails to convert to model correctly into layers for processing, resulting in lost layers or empty layer sections.
What stuns me is that quite often just a slight rotation of the model around the Z-axis makes it slice just fine…
Or at least makes different areas fail…

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I was trying to print a part where the text was added with the CAD software

I retried today with adding the text at the slicer level, and it worked well. But it may also be the result of upgrading the slicer to version 1.9

Anyway, thanks for your answers.

i been having the same problem all nite. 3 prints and about 20 blender files as tests.

what i found is u need to add more vectors i think i used .decimate

but it slicing is working now.

also non-manifold eges tut helps
Non-Manifold Edges: Facts & Fixes | All3DP

Solved it for me. don’t know why but it worked