Detect clogs through current drop and camera feed of print

I’ve had multiple clogs, the sooner you detect these better! Sometimes a print ‘finishes’ but instead it’s been clogged for hours, the filament has burned in the nozzle and the extruder gears are all grossed up with filament debris.

I think this could potentially be detected:

The extruder skipping will cause a drop in current. This could pause the print with a warning. There could also be a less sensitive setting that when a consistent current drop is detected would start checking for differences in the camera image after each layer, if it does not change (only translates down along with the bed) there is a clog.

Or, the print itself could be probed with the nozzle to check if the print is as tall as expected.

Partial clogs might also be detected with this method?

I believe the issue with using extruder stepper current to detect filament jams etc. is it’s unreliable and results in to many false alarms. Personally, I’d rather find out what the cause of all the clogs is, and fix it. The bambu seems to clog more than other printers I’ve had. I’m thinking there must be a design issue, possibly the hotend’s cooling fan is too small or it’s drawing in too much hot air.