DHL told me package lost bambulab refuses new delivery

Dear @BambuLab i writed an ticket on tuesday, and informed you, my parcel was missleaded, i contacted dhl they informed me the package is lost. First, one of your service guys named anthony said to me yes, we deliver right now replacement and he give it on the way and send me an mail when it is out. Today i got an new answer sorry we cant send you replacement it is still standard time. You have to wait 14 !!! Days. I use the printers for my business to and already spent in your Shop round about 6000 euro. When you going to let me wait for 2 weeks till you replace the parcel it was the last time i order in your shop. Overthink the way you threading your customers !!! Especially in business you need reliable partners, in case of problems you see if your partner is reliable or not. 2 weeks waiting for an new decision isnt reliable. That is just sitting arround in the hope the customer buy his needed stuff somewhere else so no replacement is needed anymore and the customer forget his money. Now ot is up to you. Deliver NOW or i get my filament next time near to me.

As far as I know, that is common practice. It’s either in the terms of Bambu Lab or (which I believe) DHL. If the parcel is consumables like Filament, get some substitude elsewhere. If it’s a printer, I can understand why they don’t send out a new one on goodwill as that is a common scam practice.

Of cause it’s up to you but try to put yourself in their shoes for a minute.

Well - when one of my customers contact me an package didnt arrive and Dhl said package lost my customer get an new one - right now. And do you know why ? I like my customers satisfied. And yes. I will buy my filament somewehere else if they didnt sent today an new package. And this i will avoid with my customers. I like to keep them. But here is the difference. I see my customers as an grest value. Bambulab dont.

Lost packages are a tough one. It is not uncommon for things to reappear because they either get found or the tracking was erroneous in the first place. As a result, asking to wait for a number of days (or longer for int’l) is pretty typical.

Companies providing “premium service” may send out a duplicate sooner, but for mass consumer stuff that’s rather rare. My experience on Amazon is that I have to wait more days than I’m typically willing to. Often the solution there is to quickly place a fresh order and return the original items if they end up arriving. That’s tough if you got a discount on the original order that is no longer available or if the items can’t be reasonably returned.

I’m not trying to defend Bambu, I don’t think their customer service is up to snuff, but in this case what they’re saying is not entirely out of line. Your best bet is to place a fresh order for the filament you absolutely need and then adjust your next order based on what ends up actually arriving…

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Yeah i will place an fresh order if they dont react today. But not at bambulabs side. I go somwhere else, like the most customers in this case. And then i stay there. This is the point i avoid with my customers. Ok for spareparts i have no choice. But i habe for consumables.

Yeah, if you get a better deal overall from another company then by all means! I guess it really depends on your total evaluation of what you get, from product quality, ease of use, price, to service, etc.

Well there are an lot filament brands put there, same quality, but cheaper. The reason why i stayed here till now is simply i bought all here - an common way of many customers, even if it is not the cheapest

Sunlu and Eryone filament works fine for me. :blush:

It arrived. But badly damaged… now i wait for support answer… we will see what happen next