Did a dumb big enough to leave a mark

I managed to leave the screws out of the hot end after changing from a .2 to a .4 nozzle. All went well, even the initial calibration, until it began printing the filament calibration lines.

Now that I have the first few lines of the filament calibration engraved almost all the way through the cool plate sticker, it’s time to find the two extras that shipped with the printer and the tool that is one of the first things I printed. I figured I’d damage the sticker much sooner so the tool was the second or third print on this machine.

Peeling off the old one was as easy as carefully picking at a corner of the sticker with the scraper then just peeling it off. A couple of wipes with IPA until it was streak free and it was time to see how hard it would be to lay down the replacement sticker. Turns out it’s not hard at all and the tool is useful. There is the slightest dimple in the paint on the build sheet but I doubt it will be an issue as the sticker is thick enough to span it. Now back to my irregularly scheduled printing.

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