Different Materials for infill, walls, etc

I presume it’s still not possible to use different materials for infill and sidewalls? I’ve been looking and it seems it’s been requested, but nothing further.

It’s not always about being economical, I’d like to see if it’s possible to have a material that prints very nice for the walls, but have a different fill for better strength and durability.

If you start with the infill material and then use Bambu Studio to paint the outer surface with the other material it will mostly partly achieve what you want. However it will create internal walls around the ‘infill’ material.


Why should not this work? You just have to be careful to print both at the same temperature or to find a good average. Of course, temperature adjustment based on material cannot be carried out automatically during printing.
So that Bambu Studio doesn’t complain, I just need to issue both filaments as the same material. For example, ASA is then converted into PLA. It also makes sense to use different materials, for example. to be used as supports so that the PLA does not stick to the ASA, for example, and has a nice layer.

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I’m going to investigate some of these today. My other printer is a Markforged, and they’re slicer does inlays of different materials for strength and stability, so it would be amazing to be able to do the same with the X1. In the case of the Markforged vs the X1, its definitely an economical choice as the material cost is 5x-10x that of X1 materials.

I guess the easier way to do would be to do a single component with multiple bodies, and as long as there is not gaps in the bodies it should work fine.