Different sounds in z movement

While my machine was calibrating and printing, when the plate moved up and down, it started to make different sounds than it did in the beginning. I request your support regarding this issue.
I have been using the machine for exactly 1 month. I printed a total of 6 kg of filament.
Thanks already for your help.

You can access the videos from this link.


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P1S, 2 weeks old, same problem. The scratching sound while the bed moves up and down mostly resolved itself by now. But the squeaking sounds of the bed levelling stage are not going away. They are also present at first few layers of any print.

Some are suggesting to lubricate Z axis pulleys which are located on the underside of the printer. Nobody tells which oil you should use, though. Can’t say if it affects the print quality, but it sure is pretty strange for a printer so new.


The oils from the accessory box can be used.
Actually, I wanted to get information from users before performing maintenance.
If these sounds do not stop after the maintenance, I will look for another solution. Thanks for the answer.

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Not so sure about the supplied oils part. Even Bambu themselves are using something else entirely for a similar fix for XY-pulleys in their FAQ. Bambu Lab X1 Maintenance Recommendation | Bambu Lab Wiki

Anyway, it’s nice to see someone with the same issue. Seems like both you and I should just do the maintenance steps, as there are obviously no other ways to resolve this issue :slight_smile: Did not expect to do all that so early after running away from the previous printer and buying a Bambu machine.

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After our conversation, I’ve bought everything needed for the complete maintenance and done it all, and I mean ALL, from the rods to the belts.

Nothing has changed - if everything, the squeaking got just a little bit louder.

Honestly, so tired now that I’m not even frustrated. But I probably should be. Guess it’s time to open a support ticket.

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I opened a support ticket. Have you watched the videos in the link I posted? Do you hear the same sounds on your machine?

Yes, they are exactly the same as in the squeaky bed calibration vid. Nothing has helped so far. The crispy clicks (while the bed is moving down or up) have disappeared after a few prints and a thorough rod cleaning.

Meanwhile, when the head turns to the right side, the sound becomes louder, and when the head turns to the left side, it almost stops.
Let me do a little cleaning and see if it gets better.

I believe the noise is coming from the belts under the machine.

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Z-axis squeak is almost always caused by the tensioner idler underneath the machine near the back. A drop of grease between the belt and the pulley flange will quiet it.


Hello; can you show exactly where it should be lubricated in this photo? Thank you.

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When I lubricate it, the belt doesn’t slip, does it?

Try to get just the edges of the belt and not on the teeth. It doesn’t solve the root cause which is probably idler misalignment, but it will make the sound go away for a while (3 months so far)


did the sound went away from lubricating? or did u found a solution?

i got the same problem…
i noticed if u look at the printer from the front, and press slighltly on the outer walls it gets quieter…but make sure to position ur hands around the height of the belts…
got the feeling they rub or the outer vall is vibrating…

just very slight presure against the walls makes the printer alot quieter… im not talking about pressur just holding ur finger against it works…

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Yes, after lubrication, the noise stopped. It turns out the sound was caused by the edges of the belt rubbing against the pulley.

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thx, today it also started making similar noise when moving from left to right LOL
def need to do a mainentace on the weekend…

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