Different temp settings for the same filament type

Got Bambulab Basic PLA - Yellow and Pink. Loaded both into AMS. resynced AMS in Studio. Visually lookes synced (name and color correctly is displayed). But when checking AMS info I can see that their max/min temperature for nozzle is different.

Blue next to pink is also bambulab basic PLA and as yellow has 220/220 for min/max temperature.

Should it be so?

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It is perfectly normal to have different filament settings for different colors of the same brand.

Each color has unique chemical and physical formulas. The colorant can drastically change the behavior - not just temp but many other things like stringiness, all the toughness and strength issues and many more.

It becomes even worse when you go between brands as each has their own proprietary blend of plastics. PLA isn’t PLA. It’s a BLEND. You have to understand that the filaments we’re using are complex polymer science, and the blends are industrial secrets that can be worth millions.

That is why to get the best prints from you machine you need to run Calibration tests for each brand and color the first time you get that one and SAVE it as a new, renamed, Profile like:
MatterHacker PLA+ Red .6 Nozzle (include the nozzle size, it matters)

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of 3D printing. :wink: :grin:

BTW - I wrote a (rather long, that’s my style) post you might read about Calibration and Bambu Studio vs OrcaSlicer (which is what a lot of people on here use instead). It’s here:



Thanks for the reply. Was hoping that has something to do with chemical formulas. I’m printing test cards on defaults settings for all filaments and all is just perfect - never had issues with models or those test cards. APART FROM THAT YELLOW BASIC PLA from BL!!! :slight_smile:

It’s just messy no matter what. I’m not living in rain forest + filament went directly from vacuum bag it was in into AMS (has extra boxes with desiccant gel just in case). Dropped nozzle temp - from 220 (hardcoded in nfc tag) to 210 - made things a little better but still messy. Tried different beds - same thing. And I need that color for the first layer. Replaced with BL matte yellow - all is good again out of the box. Could it be that BL still calibrating their settings and will update printing parameters for this filament ?

Gladly with PLA suboptimal settings aren’t too much problematic and often still “just work”.

Not feeling testy are we? LOL Tell me how you really think. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s annoying, you expect BL filament to just work. That said, several of us have had some issues suddenly with BL PLA. I have some Red that I just got that was pissie about sticking, there was a thread on that a couple weeks back.

We think eSun may have been their supplier (someone actually got some eSun delivered from the BL Store …!) but they may have switched providers or there were problem from eSun and they had to switch to fulfill orders…

Suddenly the profiles don’t work? Sounds suspiciously like it’s a different supplier. 90% of the people won’t notice.

Yep, could be.

Personally, I’d contact them and ask for a refund / store credit for the yellow. I bet they’ll do it.

You say you’re doing calibrations - SoftFever, yes? If you want a suggestion for a nice replacement - try Polymaker. They have awesome color choice, a number of different PLA’s, great consistency and all the documentation you can ask for, like this:

They also have data sheets for every filament.

If you need a really tough filament - try PolyMax PC, amazing stuff and prints nicely. I just printed a simple part that was 1:48 print time, after the first layer I bumped to Ludicrous mode and it was done in 1:04! The print was nearly perfect, but the seam but it was better on the second one when I dropped Seam Gap to 10%.

Thanks, for the reply. Yeah BL got me spoilt - used to the fact that everything just works out of the box.

Thanks for the tip with calibration - definitely will try if decide to go with that yellow again. Can’t see a huge variety of Polymaker in UK though.

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LOL! Yeah, it’s pretty nice, they did a lot of work getting it that way.

I thought that might be so, they’ve gotten huge here in the US. You might look at Filamentium, eSun, Overture, or Eryone on your side of the Pond. They’re all reliable brands.

So far used PLA (and unsuccessfully PVA for support interface only) from eSun, Sunlu, Eryone. Generic PLA profiles worked without issues. Going to test PLA+ and want to try TPU after seeing 3d printed flip flops))

If you have any PTEG you can use that as a support material for PLA. they don’t stick to each other very well. BTW - this is something I know about but haven’t tried, so if you have Q’s Google is your friend (NOT! LOL).

TPU. Have experience with this, but not on my Bambu (yet, on my list …)
Main Tip - Go slow. Real slow. They have a Profile for TPU. Also make sure your filament is dry, TPU is particularly susceptible to moisture. New in a vac bag does not mean it dry!

Yeah, seen on reddit and youtube how PTEG is used as interface. But want to make couple of prints with it to get acquainted.

Got drier too. Haven’t used yet - only couple of weeks with x1c. But thanks for the tips! One thing that I might need - is a post processing of some models. How to send/finish/paint, etc.

Well, throw your PETG into the dryer 1st too! It can be a PITA with moisture.

Here’s a nice article I have bookmarked.
Filaments and Moisture Absorption; Complete Guide! – 3D Solved

Remember - it’s always best to try and get the Manufacturer’s suggested drying time and temp. And always store it in the original thick bag (if it came with one) with dry desiccant when not using. Don’t forget you can also dry the desiccant in your dryer! Best done in a low humidity room if possible.

Another trick that I use is using airtight Dog/Cat food storage with a big desiccant to hold multiple reels. Like this (there’s a lot of them, search for a good price but make sure it’s airtight):

The desiccant I use is this:

I got mine here in the US at Costco Wholesale Warehouse as a three pack. They look a bit pricier over on you side, there’s several brands. Very handy and last a long time.

Now I’m off to take the Wife shopping. {Sigh} :grin:

I’m using storage containers for cereals (Amazon.co.uk) probably not that space efficient as cat food one, but be placed on a shelf. I just throw silica gel sacks in it that was coming with spool.

desiccant is this - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B087T2GBPX?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details.

Enjoy the shopping.