Different Wall Setting for Holes

It would be nice to be able to have a different Walls setting for holes versus the rest of the print. I use a lot of holes that get screws put into them and it is a tedious process to create modifiers to do this for every single hole. An additional setting right under Walls for Hole Walls would be a wonderful enhancement.

I know what you mean and I would find this useful as well. But for now, I’ve just been increasing the wall thickness by object. Since in my situation, where I want to have reinforced holes, such as for screw holes, it usually means I also am building functional parts so thicker walls are also desirable. Does that workaround not work for your use-case?

More walls on the entire print would work, but it’s a waste of filament if you only need it around a few holes. I generally run my functional parts at 3 walls and try to get 5-6 around holes. Sometimes I may only have one hole so the customization would be nice. After my original post I also thought how nice it would be to put a range on the size of the holes to get the extra walls. IE… if a hole is Ø1 - 4mm then use additional walls, otherwise use the general walls setting.