Dimensions of A1 mini with AMS lite

Hi! I made a JPG of dimensions including AMS lite, I put here because can be useful for someone :slight_smile:

Please to confirm, can you measure the width of the printer (without AMS lite), is it 38cm? And what is the width of the part that sits on the table of only the printer?

Thank you very much!


Thank you for dimensions. I have an outstanding idea for housing for my awaited A1 mini :smile: It will be hilarious. Probably the only one of its kind in the world. Regarding your question on Bambu Lab A1 mini - Technical Specifications it says even less: 347mm width.

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Here are my dimensions. Essentially 22” wide x 22” high. Sorry, too new to post pics.

Its possible to unmount “poop dispenser” I have only 37cm space :frowning:

From the right farthest endpoint to the left farthest end point I got 13.5 inches which converts to 34cm. That’s just the x - axis of the front.

You can turn off the flow calibration which is also known as the purging feature. I turned that off and no purging, its a nice little setting.