Disable Lidar (Feature Request)

Please add an option to disable Lidar. We have had Lidar errors since we got it and replaced every related part with no end in site. Lidar is a gimmick that is nothing but trouble and errors.

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Not to mention they are selling build plates that state, “Due to reflections, the LIDAR calibration will not work as expected when using Effect Sheets. We recommend skipping the LIDAR calibration sequence, or calibrating with a regular plate.”

Link to new build plates:

Only problem is I’ve unchecked bed leveling in the print options and the nozzle doesn’t probe the bed for a mesh but the lidar still inspects the build plate where the print is going to be.

Bambu, how are we supposed to, “skip the LIDAR calibration sequence” with an X1C?

To disable Lidar uncheck:

  • Enable detection of build plate position (only need for non BL plates or 3D effect plates)
  • First Layer Inspection
  • Flow Dynamics Calibration
  • No need for disabling Bed Leveling.



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You can already disable Lidar.

Thank you Avgils,

I’ll give this a shot and see if I can get my printer to stop lidaring the build plates.

Cheers mate,
Jimmy Fallin

I’m using the 3D effects buildstickers from BL with these options and the Lidar is disabled in the proces.

I was wondering when I saw the build plates didn’t have a buildsticker how that would work. Where are you getting the, “3D effects buildstickers” from?

Bambu 3D Effect Sheets Combo with Plate | Bambu Lab EU

The stickers come with the build plate?


Ordered 2 so I would have enough plates for the 4 different 3D Effect Sheets.

Thanks for the help Avgils!!!

Jimmy Fallin

I did the same. 2 sets, both sides a 3D effect sheet and 4 spare sheets. Be patient when applying the sheets to avoid air bubbles under the sheets. Check out the how to of BL in advance.

I will and thanks for all the advise Avgils. I may even print the fixture for applying the film to the plate.

Just got my build plates and there’s no label for the camera to scan/read.

Go into the device tab, choose print options, and uncheck “enable detection of build plate”

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Feels like I just bought a third party build plate now. Not cool Bambu.

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Ya, there doesn’t seem to be any QR codes on these surfaces. Weird.

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The pictures in the Store show no plate identifier stickers. The stickers are simple squares, not like the discontinued cool or smooth PEI stickers which extended out onto the front edge of the metal plate. So, no reason to favor Bambu plates over the much cheaper aftermarket plates.

The store does say to skip calibration or to calibrate with a plain plate because LIDAR will not work, and to turn off build plate detection.


Nothing new if you had read the product page from BL. So what is the problem?

There is no marking on the aftermarket either, what is the problem?