Discontinued cool plate

I recently learned that the dual sided engineering/cool plate was discontinued, and I’m sad. I’ve had excellent results using it (i really only print PLA). I have 2 newer ones that are in great condition, 2 older ones that have some corrosion on the engineering side, and 2 spare replacement cool sheets. So, enough for quite a long time.

My question is this: When i eventually have to switch to PEI, is there anything i should anticipate changing in my process (preparation and slicing) with the increase in bed temperature?

I’ve never used glue or anything else to keep any model attached to the plate.

I just tell the slicer which plate I use (I have a few) and it does everything for you.

Slice, print, wait, enjoy.

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Just have to change the plate type in the slicer - PEI ones use bed temperatures similar to beds on other printers. Have to remember to leave the door open or lid off when printing PLA or lower glass transition temp filaments - they can soften too much in the extruder before the nozzle and clog due to the bed heating the chamber up.

Personally, I’ve had great results with the cool plate but found a gold textured PEI plate much easier to live with. It gets a wee clean now and again and a very light coat of 3D Lac spayed well away from the machine. Way less cleaning and less fussy about it too. Let the plate / print cool off properly and the model nearly always self releases.

On past printers, I’ve had to use glue on glass and smooth plates which works well but was an annoying chore. Since starting with X1C, I’ve had no issues using the textures PEI printing PLA, PETG, or PLA-CF. However, you do get a shiny and textured bottom surface. As long as you aesthetically ok with that, textured PEI is a win.

I’m really bummed also. I really like the PLA cool plate because I don’t have to wait for the bed to heat up and cool down, it’s a time saver.

Fortunately, I did purchase an extra adhesive replacement a while back. Actually, I ordered 2, but the first one I messed up applying it and had to toss it. But I still have one left, so I’m going to treat these like gold from now on.

Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket equivalent somewhere? Amazon, AliExpress, etc.?

The cool plate sticker was polycarbonate, so you could try looking for aftermarket plates which use that material. Or without much effort you could make your own.

For info: in the EU, Australian, and Global stores the stickers are still available.

Got myself a couple of those as I really value the Cool Plate for prints with overhangs near the bottom. With the higher bed temperatures required for the PEI plates, such overhangs are quite a bit more critical than with the Cool Plate.


Good point, never thought of the low overhangs. I need to start thinking more about plate choice rather than sticking to the textured PEI always.

Be interesting to see results from proper wear / life span tests.

I’ve 2 spare stickers here, think I’ll be on the watch out for a few more just to keep my options open.

Just found this out too, sad times! PEI is more convenient though, but can be unreliable. Biggest thing to look out for is any form of grease/fingerprints on the sheet as it will usually interrupt adhesion, so while it might look like you’ve had a nice first layer and the print is still adhered, it will sometimes have defects on the bottom where spots didn’t quite adhere but the rest of the base was connected enough for it not too matter too much. Most of the time you will get away with it but it can sometimes spread up your print.

Also you will have to use a brim more than you did before, as corners can warp using pei (depending on the design)

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