Do you think the A1 mini can print small PA6-GF parts?

For making small parts like 50mm x 50mm in footprint, do you think it’s ok to have only 80deg bed and no enclosure? The filament parameters say bed has to be 80-100 and if the geometry isn’t too prone to warping, I’m wondering how successful I would be.

That’s the beautiful thing about FDM, it doesn’t cost much to verify for yourself. Having said that, it likely won’t work without extreme measures of covering up your printer and using some bonding methods for your build plate.

I’ll share an analogous experiment I tried just two weeks ago with some sample nylon filament whereby the recommended printing specs call for 110c bed and as hot as 290c nozzle. In all respects, it should have peeled off the plate and it did in fact do exactly that. So this was one of the rare occasions where I broke out liquid adhesive and the model stuck to my high temp plate perfectly even though my P1P can only go to 100c.

But in the end, the entire experiment proved that I could not print strong layers in Nylon on my P1P. So I was out $20.

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I would not recommend that, especially if you plan to print multiple models.
It also depends on your filament type. Some PA6 blends can do that with little to no problems, but others will be a nightmare. I had a good try with Formfutura STYX PA6-GF30, printing on an open printer. But keep in mind that it will rely on your model being as small as possible to prevent overcooling of the previous layer.

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I can’t say Yes or No…
but I have printed ASA without any issues.

So, good luck :grin:

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