Does AMS Lite "free wheeling" mode to avoid switching to external reel

If I were to mount the AMS Lite on top of the A1, is there a free wheeling mode of the AMS lite where you could treat one of the reels as an external spool? I haven’t seen one in any doco.

The requirement is to be able to print TPU through the AMS in a kind of pass through or free wheeling mode where it just behaves like an external spool - then I wouldn’t have to pull the ptfe tubes out of the 4 tube splitter.

I guess I can try out one of the splitter prints that directs two ptfe tubes into a single hole.

Maybe Bambu Labs could come out with a 5 hole mount on top of the extruder.

Or maybe I could by a second 4 tube splitter and daisy chain it with two tubes going into one of the 4 outlets on the main splitter - anyone tried that yet?

Not much space on top of printer to house both ams lite and single spool.

Might try to build a purpose built stand for the a1 with space for ams and external spool

the hubs themselves arent connected to anything. theyre basically freewheeling with a slight resistance caused by a spring thats meant to drive it back 150 degrees once the filament is released.

just chuck the spool on the AMS and use an fifth, external ptfe tube instead of feeding it through the drive unit.
theres also an TPU mod for the ams on makerworld that involves replacing the release button to adjust the wheel pressure on the filament going through the ams.

Thanks, I’ll take a look