Does anyone have an idea about this? (micro-displaced layers)

It looks like (only in x direction) the layers are micro-misplaced. This is the left side of a rather bigger print:

On the other (right) side of the print the indented lines are outdented and vice versa. So it seems like the x-placement is slightly off randomly for each layer. This does not occur with the y-axis, there everything is smooth.
I only can guess that the motor for the x-placement is a bit weak and with strong force omits positions. On the other hand I would exclude wobbling around the z-axis because I guess it would not give this sharp offsets and one should also see y-offsets. Also it does not look like an issue with belt-tension does it?

Has anyone similar experiences or even an analysis to this?

That looks like it might be a tall print. On taller prints, I recommend trying tree supports. The part may be moving a bit and the tree support could help to stabilize it without adding too many marks on the surface. Great for more organic shapes. See the pictures below. Top is with support. Lower is after support is removed.

Indeed it was a tall print. And indeed the form was supporting rather swinging in x-direction than y-direction. Thank you for your advice, I will try that on my next tall print!

One more thing I forgot to mention is that when you select tree support, it’s very rare that you need it to be more than one layer or have infill itself. So, make sure that you change the tree support from default to slim. Also play with the size of the trunk and distance between branches. Sometimes large branches (trunks
actually) and close together will create a ‘shell’ around your object which works really nicely in certain instances. Things to play with.