Does anyone know why this one corner is all messed up

This is PETG and I think I have it dialed in just right. Howerver for some reason, this one corner, which is the same on both prints, have this blemish. The edge you see is the edge where the seam is, I was thinking it may have something to do with it. No other corner on the print shows these.
Also, I circled another spot. there is a couple spits where a crease or seem is there.
Here is my settings for the PETG:
Nozzle Temp: 250 - 260
Textured PEI Plate: 80
Max Volumetric Speed: 11.5mm3/s
Retraction Speed: 55mm/s
Detraction Speed: 55ms
Retract when changing layer is checked

Now I am new to this so Watching YouTube and playing around got me to these settings. Thanks for any help!

Have you tried increasing the flow ratio and see if that changes the output? If it does, you may have to forget what you calibrated it to and use the model as a calibration point.

Where do I adjust that setting? is it flow ratio? would this fix the one corner issue? it is odd that it is only on that one corner.

  1. Click on filament
  2. Click on Flow Ratio
  3. Click on save