Does Bambu use any open source software in their firmware?

They do use some opensource components in the X1C AP board, like vsftp, mosquitto, paho-mqtt-cpp, linux kernel. Email to request the source code.

But as far as I know, the main part of the firmware is written by bambulab. The firmware does not use klipper or marlin.

Kinda old thread, but learning atm, found this the other day in settings, so the preference for flavor having only 1 option makes me wonder

How or where did you get that? From the UART?

This screenshot is from Orca

In case anyone else lands here first vs. the documentation, bambulab’s open source use list is now published here:
Edit: Apparently can’t post a link. How awesome is that!

Search for “Open Source Software on X1/X1C/X1E” in the Bambu Lab Wiki to get the list.

I love when people who don’t have a clue about software development, are armchair experts acclaiming that systems don’t use open source libraries.

Almost everything on this planet uses opensource libraries, why redevelop tcp/ip libraries or jpeg libaries when there is an opensource one with a license that doesn’t force your code to be opensource.

2 years to develop all that. You are dreaming unless you had 250+ developers, so why do that?

If its business as usual, its probably prusa code that was adjusted and then locked down.