Does Bean Overlord Assign His Profile Points to the Designer?

When I first started using MakerWorld Beta back in September, it took me a while to figure out the mechanics of uploading profiles. My first ten models or so did not have profiles until I realized the importance of uploading them. In the meantime, Bean Overlord (MW’s testing account) added profiles to all my models. They are still there and listed as “Untested”. Is Mr. Bean leeching my profile points or does that account award the designer with it’s download points?

you can see that when you open the profile on the page - like this:

when there is a “MakerReward Points of this print profile is presented to the model designer” you receive the points

Great, thanks. I didn’t realize that message was there since no additional profiles for my models have awarded points to me. It seems like MW would have their own profile account award back to the designer. Not a big issue for me, just curious.

Makes sense. There is no reason MW wants reward points for itself.

I hope MW keeps developing and improving automated slicing. People should not have to know how to slice a model in order to enjoy 3D printing, much like people don’t have to know how to butcher a cow in order to enjoy steaks.