Does metalblade scraper destroy textured buildplate?

Does metal blade scraper (provided .stl) damage textured buildplate surface?

My PetG prints sticks too good on the new textured buildplate, and gluestick will compromise the reason to use the textured plate to begin with, surface will look gluestick globby instead of textured…

Before I even try and destroy my new textured build plates - does the provided internal directory metal blade scraper damage the textured surface on these buildplates?

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I wouldnt do it. btw, the liquid glue wont mess up the texture. It dries super thin if applied right. Plastic paint scrapers are cheap. printed ones dont last long

Petg comes off the textured plate I have without using the scraper. That blade will gouge the pei. I usually just bend the plate to get the prints yo pop off & dont use glue.

Did you try lowering bed temp to reduce the bond?

I printed a scraper out of petg and it works great, youcan find some good scraper files.

Yeah, they just chip fast imo

Mainly use PLA myself, but sometimes that sticks quite firmly too - especially to the cool plate even with BL liquid glue. I now use these plastic razor blade tools most of the time and only resort to metal blades rarely (and very carefully just to start the peel).

Plastic blades I am referring to are ones that look like these for example.

Update - was just going through my bank account and found a £1.48 charge - that was for my plastic Razor blades - from TEMU - so much cheaper than Amazon!

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Print the plastic scraper. Yes the metal scraper can damage the textured plate. Been running my printer 4-5 days a week for almost 3 months. So far printing mostly PLA and ABS.

Have kept my plate clean with soapy water. Only had 3 times I’ve needed a scraper, and the plastic one was all I needed. Sure the plastic edge will get boogered up after a while, but it’s only like 10-20 cents in plastic to print a new one.

Link says unavailable, so here’s one in the US with several ordering options. I ordered the first option. Like the 3 black scrapers. Have other things I do where they will come in handy. But the 3 scrapers with 100 blades for $6.48 seems like a great low cost option.

And thank you Ukdavewood. :+1: I didn’t know such a thing even existed. :yum: