Does the Dynamic Flow Calibration on the P1P with AMS work?

What am I doing wrong? I have the current Bambu Studio version with the Dynamic Flow Calibration on the P1P with AMS should work. I also see the “Cali” button, but I cannot select or set any filament. Only the Nozzle and the bed type. The selection “Filament” is empty and can not be filled. No matter which roll on the AMS I select.
P1P is set to V and the AMS is set to

Doesn’t work the same way for me.

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Doesn’t work for me either, unable to select a filament. Could you add the “bug report” tag on your thread?

With me the same also without AMS.
I can not select a filament and also no temperatures enter.

Doesn’t work for me.

It’s not working here either. With AMS

Just found out that the filament selection stays empty if you have any other language selected than English. I had mine set to German but after I changed the language to English I was able to select the filament and start the flow calibration.


Indeed, worked for me too!

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So ein Scheiß … :wink:

Or in English:
This is interesting to know :wink:


Awesome, thank you! :smiley: