Does the filament Extractor Process contribute to Jams?

The question is does the BambuLab filament extractor process have a case that will result in a filament jam? I understand the the cutter is used as part of this process step. How many possible cases are there?

  1. No filament change user cuts the filament,
  2. User extracts the filament, and shuts the printer down (shut down temperature related),
  3. User extracts the filament, and changes the filament with or without a time delay perhaps due to print design change,
  4. AMS filament change,
  5. User extracts the filament and angle cuts the new filament,

Perhaps there are other cases you have issues with. Please fill free to voice your opinions and experiences. I did find in the first four hours of startup with my first print the cold side of the hotend jammed. Compared to the two slingers I ran over a hundred hours with no issues. This is not a lot of data so take that with a grain of salt but I bet some users have had strange jams. It would be helpful if a particular case causes trouble to share that with the community.
Thanks for sharing,

Here is the jam cleared materials. The finish nail diameter was reduced to 2mm then used to attached to the material stuck in the top of the hotend. The second image is the first output of the extruder.