Download beta

Where/how do i download the beta?

Which beta specifically?

I’m looking for the newest one that was talked about in the release notes email a few hours ago.

MakerWorld is a website, which is updated automatically.
So there is no need to download anything as the updates are already there.

I do not see a link to it.
Or the information in my handy app

Hi, do you have the test flight app? If so go into it and it should show there is an update for the app

I do not have the app.
I was never sent an email for the app.

Only sent an email about updates and a survey on how I was liking it

Oh ok, unfortunately I can’t help you with any more advice

I am assuming you demonstrated interest in testing the MakerWorld platform.
If so, days ago, you received an email with instructions on accessing from different platforms and another email with an invitation for the testflight of the Handy app.
If you don’t have access to that email, I am afraid the only solution is to contact BL.

I signed up and never got that email.
I always thoroughly check my spam folder since I have other things that get sent there.
No email was received.
I contacted them about 3 days ago and gotten no reply.

The same thing happen to me with the filament bundle.
No code even tho me and a friend ordered the same week.
Then after 4 days bambu replies and said id have to wait 3 wks for the filament code.

So i guess ill just be waiting around here also

Just wanted to update everyone.
Today i was emailed the link the the app.

I also received link to Beta app. Looks nice, but not had much time to plat with it yet.

Is it possible that even I can try the Beta App?

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Same, when did you get it and how

@Montana and @Jake19000 note that @xile06 had applied for testing the app when the call was open but didn’t receive the links to use it. If that is your case, you may need to contact BL support.