Download textured PEI QR code or bypass plate warning?

The Texture PEI plate likes to soak in the Glycol from PETG filament like a sponge. Hot water, detergents nor isopropyl alcohol are any help.

The QR code is still visible but not readable by the machine.

a) Where to download the new QR code?
b) How to turn off the plate check?


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I think:

NOT tested, never needed to…

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Thank you so much, I’ll test the setting, I did find another QR code from Bill on GlowForge. Did convert into B&W image. Attached. Tested. Works!

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Link - as your image below doesnt work really well my side ?

I’ve always found it strange that BL calls these QR Codes when they aren’t.

They are Augmented Reality markers.

I first played with these back in 2010 (I think), to anchor images or videos onto a flat plane using the iPhone camera that stays on the flat plane even if the camera moves around.

This was before the camera could achieve this without any anchors.

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