Downloads not counted?

Yesterday I directed someone in the comments to one my models. He downloaded and printed it out and showed me a picture of it.

However, it is not being counted in mij analitics page… What is going wrong here Makerworld?

The model: Philips Sonicare C1 and C2 colored Rings by Chris1974 - MakerWorld

The comments:

The Analitics page:


The Analytics Board is not accurate, it often lacks behind, I am not sure why but I noticed this multiple times. It might be due to a timezone difference.

The dashboard is only updated once a day on UTC+0 if I checked it correctly. So in Germany for example (UTC+1), it would be around 01:00 in the morning.

± Calculation Time.

In Pacific Standard Time it’s around 4pm, but doesn’t seem like it fully updates right until 5pm, oddly.

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:ok_hand:PST 5:00 pm matches UTC+0, which would foster my observations.

Thanks for confirming that because I was too lazy to look it up for sure, haha. :rofl:

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Beside the timezone difference it could also been downloaded on another day to print later. Prints on the other side can only be counted if it’s printed through the cloud I guess. So there might always be a few that don’t count - especially when people run the printer in LAN mode, don’t have a Bambu, use the SD card etc.

Something isn’t quite right now. I am sadly on the go this week but this is the data for the same model.

As you can see analytics is showing different data than the model detail page.

@Tanklet could you have a look ?

i have encountered the same issue, does the points grow up and it is only a visual bug of the counter?


I have got a rating on a my model, but the prints are still 0, it’s really strange, it couldn’t be possible, but i haven’t checked analytics yet, i will update you as soon as i can about the analytics of the model i’m talking about


ive got the same feeling , have similliar situation, and open a ticket already , it like that from yesterday

Is a ticket really necessary? Give it a couple days, I’m sure it will be fine. People like you make tickets for stupid stuff and then clog the system. Then everyone wonders why support takes so long to respond. I can guarantee the “stupid” tickets outnumber the real trouble tickets 1000x1.


I’ve been having the same problem for 2 days. I am not being counted for downloads and prints on my templates. Even the downloads I make very often are not counted. I would like makerworld to tell us if this is a problem or a feature of the site.

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Hi Friends, i’m not able yet to open a new topic so i try to write my problem here.

Yesterday on one of my models, i received a print and review from one user… but seems that the Print counter didn’t worked at this print, (I Received one Download Point but no print Point) so i tried to check if someone else had my same problem.
I Printed just now 2 Organizer for my “Ikea Alex”, from one user and at the end of the print i make a review and noted that the print counter didn’t worked also for this user. (He earned Download Point but 0 Print Point from me)
Anyone else, noted same problem?

At 2 days ago, all work very well but from yesterday not.

Thanks for your time

I also have the same problem, today is the third time I have received reviews on the prints, but my counter doesn’t go up and consequently neither do the points. This problem also affects the downloads I make and receive.
I would like to know from MakerWorld what is happening, whether a bug or has somehow changed its policies.


This seems to be a systemic issue. Maybe @Tanklet can have a look at this?

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I believe that makerworld must respond officially on this situation. My models have reviews and not prints. I think it’s bad for us makers.

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Please chill. I am sure they will look into it. No need to panic, or overreact.


No, I’m calm, my profile has few downloads, I don’t have big losses.

i agree brother …im in the same situation