Draft shield

I’ve been having a hard time getting good z axis impact strength with ABS and Polymax PC. I tend to get worse results closer to the edge of the build sheet. Adding chamber insulation helps but I worry about damaging the motion system and electronics

I wonder if adding a “draft shield” feature in bambu studio would be a safe way to provide a warmer environment for high temperature filaments

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Others tab, Skirt height, set it to however many layers you want.


Thanks, that works perfectly!

Thanks for this! I came here looking to offer this as a recommendation and found your suggestion. It works well.

But for one loop wide skirt (which is typical draft shield width), there is no enough adhesion to reliably keep it in place. Also, skirt is typically used for normalizing filament flow before printing, so having one loop skirt makes its first layer really bad, so it fails. Trying to make it contact with brim also does not work, it always keeps some distance. I would say, that skirt cannot replace the draft shield. The shield should have its own wide brim for good adhesion, be one loop wide, and still needs a skirt for having good first layer.

priming the nozzle for the first layer is done by the purge line, if you print a draft shield with skirts, it works quite fine, just dial in your settings properly and it does not detatch from the build plate