Drop to plate

Searched all the settings but I can’t find a setting that stops studio dropping a model to the base plate? Can someone point me in the right direction?

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if you add a part and make it a group then you can free move the parts
so just right click , add a modifier , select a slab or so and then you can go to objects and free move it where you want it
but keep in mind , it is possible that it still going print some tall object to get to the height you set it , never tested it so can not confirm

Not sure that makes sense to me. I have two objects and want to put on on top of the other. I cant do that as changing the height of one part simply drops it through the other part. Making it a group and lifting the height of the group simply means the whole thing drops to the base.

What do you mean by “add a modifier and select a slab”?

And it doesn’t matter whether it is just one part. How would I lift it to enable it to crate supports underneath?

You just add it as a group. Then in object tab you select the part you want to move. Then it can free move

Sorry you obviously don’t understand what I am asking.

I don’t want to move the object. I want to lift it and leave it suspended off the plate.

Yes. To lift it … also known as raising the Z axis…. Also a move command found under the move symbol in the slicer

If that is not what you are looking for then I guess the function you want does not exist yet
Unless you are talking about your nozzle and then it is called a Z offset but the slicer also do not have that

Eather way. I am on mobile so I can not show a screenshot
But if you want to “lift” a print ( object ) then it need to be a group ( assembly ) and then you can select 1 part of it ( part of assembly under object tab ) and by using the “move” icon you can place it anywhere you like. Up down left right on prints above prints under prints …as long it is part of the assembly ( the group ) the object won’t drop to the plate and stays exact where you put it

If that was not what you was looking for then I do not understand the question or I do not know the function you are talking about
Maybe a example in prusaslicer could show then what you mean so we can reproduce it in Bambu studio :slight_smile:

Greetings from Powerchaos

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I downloaded PrusaSlicer but dont see that functionality. I do have several others that have the functionality for example Photon Workshop - see attached

I want the ability to lift a part of the model and leave it hanging in the air. It can then be used to manipulate other parts around it.

ok thank you
as i am at a pc i can provide you a nice tutorial

this function is only for resin slicers , as they “lift” up the object as it need to create supports for it , it is complete differend then a FDM printer like the bambu
a resin printer ( like anycubic photon ) prints upside down , so it use supports to keep the print attached to the build plate , it also allows you to lift a object a mlnimum distance to prevent that it sticks to the buildplate and get burned in ( first few layers are burn layers to create adhession )
so the slicer also works a lot different compared to a FDM slicer

so lets reproduce the same with the bambu slicer , or atleast as close as it can be ( the basics, you can do a lot with modifiers to but that does not apply in this case )

so i use some frogs as example
first select all the parts you want and add them as “assemble” ( fancy name for grouping)

in the object tab you now see a group ( assembly ) that contains all the frogs in my case
select one frog out of the list (i made it black for refference )

click then the move command and you can free move it to where ever you like

i changed a few colors to show it a bit better
if you move to a negative part it will not go below build plate but instead move everything up

and when you slice it it will look like this

it is just a bit differend to do , but the end result is the same
be sure you only select the objects and selec the move symbol , clicking directly on any part on the plate will select the full group ( assembly )

i hope this can help you
Greetinsg from PowerChaos


Awesome thank you. It does seem somewhat more complicated to do than simply setting a preference to not drop and then just lift an object without having to assemble everything first.

Thank you again for the tutorial!

To place 1 object on top of another in Bambu Slicer, you have to make them an assembly. This is very easy to do. He are the steps.

  1. Click the first object to select it.
  2. Hold Ctrl and click the second object to also select it.
  3. With both objects now selected, Right click and choose Assemble.

Now if you go to the left side of the screen and switch from global settings to object settings (The word Global appears in green by default, simply click the word objects next to that).

You should now see your assembly on the left with the individual parts of the assembly listed below it.

Just select the part on the left that you want to raise and once it is selected you can move it up or down as you normally would and it will stay. Hope this helps.