Drying desiccant for AMS


I just wonder if it’s possible/makes sense to dry Desiccant for AMS(6 pack) | Bambu Lab EU in a blast drying oven like PrintDry e.g.?

Contrarily to silica gel dessicant which can be reused after reheating, bambu dessicant is calcium chloride which when saturated cannot be reactivated and need to be replaced.


It is possible, but it doesn’t make sense to me.
If you have a blast drying oven that operates up to about 200ºC or higher, you can dry the calcium chloride; I wouldn’t recommend such a procedure because it demands more energy, work and risks.

I was surprised that PrintDry had a blast drying oven. Can you share more info? I couldn’t find it on their website.

As a reusable, desiccant material for desktop 3d printers, silica seems a wise choice.


I stand corrected then. I made some search following your answer and while it seems it can be regenerated (in its granular form apparently so not necessarily the bambu lab product), it needs 250°C.

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I have been using a color changing rechargeable silica drying packets for three years now, well before my X1/AMS. The color change is great because it lets you know when you actually need to change them. I went from changing my storage bags monthly, to almost quarterly, and the recharge is like 7 minutes in the microwave (several do generally need a second zap to get them back to fully blue). They fit nicely between the loaders in the AMS so you can see when those need to be changed too, which is a lot more frequently. I have had to buy additional bags as my collection of spools in storage grew, but I have yet to have to throw out a single one because it didn’t recharge.

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