E3D ObXidian hotend for Bambu Lab printers unavailable

How does one get hold of an E3D ObXidian hotend (0.6mm specifically for CF-reinforced functional/engineering parts and fixtures)?

The link at Bambu HotEnds – E3D no longer contains any product information (as at 17 March 2024).

More info: Introducing the E3D ObX HF Bambu Hotend 

Following your link E3D states “Product restock happening W/C 18th March, watch this space!”

Last batch was offered beginning the week of 19th Feb and went online UK noon time. Do not know how long stock lasted, but was able to order both sizes last time.

I’d simply watch the site tomorrow.

I tried one and obtained worse print quality than with stock or Ali nozzles, didn’t use it anymore after a week, I reverted back to Ali nozzle with CHT.

Compared to the two mentioned above, they have a tendency to release too much filament out of the nozzle while not printing.

That’s especially an issue on multi color prints.

That result is unwanted filaments residues that aren’t cleaned and that will stick on the printed part, creating unwanted color spots.

The filament also stick on the nozzle far too much too my taste and get dirty very quickly. Requiring nozzle cleaning on each and every print.

As they have placed the thermistor on the other side of the nozzle, the real temp is higher than with other nozzles for the same defined temp, so we have to reduce the filament temp accordingly.

If reducing temp mitigate the issue, I’ve seen an impact on surface quality.

Too much flow seems not to be that useful, and not so good for quality, at least for 0.4 nozzle, probably better with 0.6, but it will require a 60W cartridge most probably.

Just my 2 cents of course, based on my tests on one X1C.

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Good feedback, and different to the gushing YouTube reviewers. Did you get any feedback from E3D about optimising settings, following your experience?

A few eBay seller in USA have them in stock and for a good price.