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I was just getting ready to print this laptop bracket. I sliced it with Bambu Slicer and was suprised to see that it only created a printing support in one small area (see below). Am I missing something? Why didn’t it create supports under the area with the arrow. I have also included a link to my project .3mf file. Please let me know your thoughts

There’s no support because that’s a 45 degree (or steeper) angle and that can be printed without support. At the bottom it seems there’s a bridge between the main part on the right and the tip of the V and that is probably short enough to also not need support. Pretty nice model I’d say.

Thanks for the compliment and quick response. I also question how it can bridge between the main part on the right and the other side as this bridge is 2.35" long. This print is 7 hours long so I wish I had more confidence that it will actually be able to print it properly.

Oh, easy: you just print the lower part. You could watch and stop the print if it doesn’t look good or intersect your model with a cube in your CAD pgm. In the slicer you can also do it by adding a negative cube to cut portions away. You may need two or three cubes.

Forgot to add: 2"+ is long, but maybe in PLA it works (I don’t print PLA and you didn’t mention the material).
What I would do is to add 3x 1mm circular pins down to the build plate along the tip of the edge in the model. You can then easily snip them off cleanly with cutters. Alternatively, you could paint 3x supports in the slicer but in my experience that tends to be messier to clean up.

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If I just wanted to quickly get a usable part, I’d manually paint a few supports under the questionable bridge. Tree(auto)/Tree Hybrid is my usual choice for easy removal with little scarring.

If I wanted to explore the bridging capabilities of the printer without supports, I’d make a smaller test model with a similar bridge, or use the Cut modifier in the Prepare tab to remove the areas I was not concerned about, trimming away all the portions not involved in the bridge.

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Thanks for the great suggestions. I did the simple approach of putting a few tree supports under the 'Bridged" area. I has been printing for a couple hours and is looking pretty good.

One thing I noticed is that two small areas have pulled away from the print bed. The areas that are pulling away are right Infront of the auxiliary part fan output. I am don’t usually print with PLA and I did not use a brim. Actually, I just noticed that it is pulling away in an area far away from the fan as well.

Do I need the aux part fan with PLA? Should I have shut it off?

Thanks… Richard

How did you paint those support ? What are these options ? thanks.

Many days late and only a few dollars short but yes, the aux fan has been known to cause parts to cool unevenly and cause the warping you saw.

You can turn it off on the printer. I did have it turn itself back on with each color change on one print which is annoying.

Here is a link to the wiki for painting supports. It can be pretty handy in cases like the above print.

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I used the Support Painting tool:

I did not think the entire edge needed support, I only wanted to reduce the length of the bridging, so I only painted a few “dots” on the edge where I thought supports would be helpful.

To use this Tree Hybrid style, you must first enable the “Advanced” settings to see the Style options.

That is exactly how I printed it. I used the Support painting and used the tree default. It worked great.

Thanks a lot for those precious informations. Have a great day !

Thanks a lot . Have a great day !