Esteps please!

I know that the firmware is currently a closed system. I really get that.

But please please please let us calibrate esteps. I do a lot of printing that requires extremely dimensionally accurate parts. Mine is close, but not as close as I need it.

PLEASE Bambu Labs, let us calibrate esteps!


Have you done a 100mm extrusion to see what the actual extruded dimension is
The reality the compensation can be done with the flow control as well


I have, and it’s close. 1-2% variance from actual dimensions. Just so I understand, to you’re saying to adjust the calibration needs to be done in the slicer?

Yes this is not uncommon as there can be a slight variance in the filament depending on manufacture
Remember its not just the diameter that has a factor in the volume of filament but also the speed of the extrusion.

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Have you considered tuning the flow rate? That you can do in the slicer, and it affects dimensions if a bit off. (Obviously, being way off will result in bad prints, but if your dimensions are close but not quite what you want, a flow rate change may take care of it.) I’d look to that rather than Esteps, which tends to be more a factor of the mechanics.

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Can this Extrusion Calibration in Bambu Studio | Bambu Lab Wiki help on this case?

there is a possibility to do “xy-hole-compensation” and “xy-contour-compensation”.
You can find this
Quality → Precision → pt. 4 + 5
This helped me with parts that have to connect perfectly.
Careful with the percentage, mostly it should be under 1%.

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I would love this feature too…I miss this from my Ender 3 days. Mine is off .003" (.0762 mm) using a micrometer on a 25mm cube.


Would also love to have it … have differences from CAD to print of 2%. Thats too much for a that high priced printer with own Bambulab filament.
I may slightly understand it, if it is a generic one from a cheap manufacturer. But also the filaments of Bambu are not the cheapest … so why do I have to compensate AFTER AUTO-CALIBRATE additionally? If I want 15mm in diameter I dont need it 14,8mm …

In Z it is even worse. I made 5mm and it prints 5,1mm … in precision Bambulab is the worst printer I ever had (had 4 till now).

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I second this. We need to be able to calibrate esteps.

It is very easy to achieve accuracy of about 0.1mm. You can do it with any printer, even the crappiest ones, as long as you can calibrate esteps. If you’ve only used a Bambu printer, it may come as a surprise to you that other printers are actually better when it comes to that dimensional accuracy.