eSun PLA+ White is transparant, tips?

I recently bought a whole batch of PLA filament from eSun, and they’ve been printing great! Only thing is, the normal white color is slightly transparant, which makes some prints harder to manage (especially multicolor). What are your experiences with Bambu’s basic PLA White filament?

Here are 2 examples:

With the VSH example, its one layer of white on top of blue. When using other colors, the blue doesn’t shine trough.

I use white Bambu PLA for lithopanes. The light also shines through other brands. They all become opaque with increasing thickness.
One or more coats of white acryllic paint can be more effective though.

But is it as bad as the VSH example? That’s one 0,2mm layer on top of the blue, the rest is 3mm thick, and its still not really white.

The normal white is quite a lot more transparent than their cold white.

Thanks! I was also looking into the cold white color, it seems to me that the cold white should be regular white, and white should be a white/translucent type of color

I have the same issue. So can you confirm, for esun PLA+ we need cold white yeah. Otherwise stick with Bambu jade white?

Exactly that, cold white is the real white

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