eSun sale on specialized PLA filaments Great prices

Wow, went to the site. These prices are in the estore.

Multicolor PLA Magic and Mystic for $24.99. No Bambu equivalent.
Glow in the dark, blue or green, for $22.99. Again, no Bambu equivalent.
PLA Lite for $20.99, and yes that’s for a 1KG spool. And the lite is in many colors not available with Bambu Aero.

I’ve had bad luck with jamming on eSun lately, but at these prices, I had to try The PLA Magic, Glow in the Dark (especially with Halloween coming up), and a color of the PLA-lite I wanted that Bambu doesn’t make… Will rewind if I have to by making the respooler shown in a video that’s been posted in another part of the forum.

Shipping for 3 spools in the US was only $5.99

ABS+ also have great discount 45% , they have all around discounts
and by 3 get one free as well