Examples of models with wheels on bottom surface?

I am making some rectangular containers and I need to have wheels on the bottom, not the side. Preferably taking up as little space as possible.

I have seen since injection molded examples, does anybody know of some examples of 3D models with wheels on the bottom? I am looking for some ideas instead of me just reinventing the wheel :wink:.

I can picture in my head a model that I had seen some time ago but for the life of me, I can’t remember where I saw it.

However, last year I embarked on an experiment to study print in place bearings as an alternative to a project I had that used 608 skateboard bearings. While not exactly what your looking for, the designer was kind enough to include STEP files. This allowed me to modify the center hole to become an axle rather than a hole. I which I could find the STEP file i created but apparently it’s lost or deleted. It was one of those projects you start on and then abandon once you realize it’s not going in the direction you planned.

However, here is the link to those files if your appetite for CAD is open to it.


Then there were these table leg rollers. I tried them out for another project but had a hard time getting them to print well in PETG. I should have tried ABS.


There was this caster that I kind of liked but I never did get around to testing it. This one had STL files.

The problem with so many of these IKEA hacks is that for whatever reason, the creators are of the belief that they are doing us a favor by only publishing the Gcode or copy protected 3MF, neither which I useful unless you have that exact same printer.

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I don’t think those will work for me. The bearings look interesting, I will probably try printing them at some point to see how they work.

I have a general idea how I think I should make the wheels. I tried to find some examples that might give me a better idea but couldn’t find anything. I have come across some pretty clever ideas from various models(unrelated to wheels), so figure there must be some clever ideas for making wheels that are better than my current idea.

Your question is a bit vague. What size container? What weight must it contain? What surface are wheels expected to run over? Must it be all fdm printed? Do wheels have to be like castors, i.e. pivot around z axis? Do they need to be hard, or have rubber like tyres?

What size container?
124mm x 236mm x 65mm

What weight must it contain?
Don’t know exact weight, but pretty light, makeup, toothpaste, etc.

What surface are wheels expected to run over?
Painted wood

Must it be all fdm printed?
I was looking to do all fdm, but am considering buying small wheels to attach.

Do wheels have to be like castors, i.e. pivot around z axis?
No, just needs to turn one direction.

Do they need to be hard, or have rubber like tyres?
Either way

These are on makerworld
Toy school bus replacement

My initial thoughts would be plain wheels, about 30/40mm diameter, with tpu tyres, recessed into base of container so maybe only 2 or 3 mm below the base. However, the bus wheels that drakko linked too, would be a shame if they were enclosed, and the container could then be modelled on a lorry trailer. And then I thought, why stop there, model a landau instead.
I think simple metal (ss) rods would suffice for the axles, or even 4/5/6mm bolts, recess them to clip into the base of the container. TPU tyres would give a bit of grip, so wheels actually rolled, and would not scratch the paint. If TPU does not print well for you, then wrap the wheels in PVC insulation tape, or thin self amalgamating tape, or coat with hot melt glue, to give a soft, grippy surface. An alternative, but not so much fun, would be a felt pad at each corner.

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Given the size, the weight and the use for it, I would go for a very simple hard wheel, snap-on design, something like below example:


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Thanks, I was thinking to do something similar.

Question is, do you really need wheels :wink: wouldn’t small stick-on chair slider at each corner fit the purpose?

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You may have a point. I think I will first try the chair sliders and see how it goes. It will be less trouble and give me more space within the container.

Although printing wheels and wheel recesses is more fun :wink:

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