Exporting from fusion 360 to Bambu

I’m trying to export ring-shaped object. Created in Fusion 360 as circle, 3.5 mm offset created outside of circle, extruded thin with 3.5 mm wall thickness. When I select object to export to bambu only a thin inner wall is printed. I think only the outer face of the object is sent to bambu.

Any suggestions concerning how to send entire object to 3d printer would be greatly appreciated.

Right-click on component in Fusion and select “Save as Mesh”. Save the .stl file to your computer and open it in bambu lab studio.


Thank you. Will try that right now/

I have been exporting the objects as an step file and then opening them in bambu labs studio. with good success.

Fusion is only exporting one object to Bamboo. If both are seperated, it will not work.

For One piece Items this works perfecty and is the fastet option.

When exporting the model, ensure that you’re selecting the correct export settings that include both the inner and outer geometry of the ring. Fusion 360 allows you to specify export settings such as file format (STL, OBJ, etc.) and export options (triangulation, units, etc.). Make sure these settings are appropriate for your 3D printing workflow.

Thank you. Can recommend a source for an explanation of mesh and triangles? I’m very new at 3D design and printing. Learning as I go. Jean