Extend BambuLab Studio with a RFID reader/writer

I would appreciate if BambuLab Studio has an integrated RFID reader/writer. With this it should be possible for every user to read and rewrite RFID tags of the spools.

MUCH BETTER would be if BambuLab makes the data/format of the RFID tag information available as Open Source, so that the community itself can develop any software for a reader/writer and equip each filament with its own tags.


Oh if they made this happen it would be rad!


This would be great, I’m happy to still use the Bambu Lab filament for projects but I also like the ability to use others that they don’t have or custom ones with the RFID.

I’d be happy to buy their spools even, I’d like to customize the material settings that way the X1C and AMS just know what I’m going to be printing with and have my dialed in settings.

I like that idea, a number range for ‘Makers’ that can’t wait for ‘over night delivery’ or 1 day to pick it, missed the courier, delivered on day 3.
Down to the local store for a roll to complete that last 8 minutes of a 14 hour run, label it with RF tag that tells the machine it is a not too good Kamakuza yellow pretending to be Bambu basic PLA yellow.
Real one 12345 the real stuff.
Maker is -12345 the roll from dodgy Dave’s emporium for knock off goods.

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Would be really nice if they would sell some blank RFIDs for 3rd party use, but I honestly would not get my hopes too high unless competition forces their hands.
Its a great incentive to buy Bambu Lab PLA for ease of use in the AMS which is a constant extra revenue stream. If I would lead a company, I would be careful calculating the additional sale of printers to the loss of revenue on filament. Specially as a printer often is a one time sale, filament a recurring earning.

At least there is a breath of fresh air in this area. The data format has already been reverse engineered in some cases. And I can only hope that Bambu will not act against it, but will actively support this project and disclose the data format.


I was just typing this topic and agree it should be open source, most phones are RFID read and write so I see no issues and it would be nice to be able to buy 3rd part RFID tags and program non Bambu spools with all the information and slice settings.


Yes let’s hope Bambulab open source the format so we can build told to create our own tags .


I’ve created a feature request that’s pretty much this unfortunately I can not post a link it seems it’s issue #1662


Where have you posted it to?

Apparently now I can share links

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It’s been a long time since I started this topic. Unfortunately, so far not a single response from Bambu Lab employees themselves. So, what do you think in general about this idea and the possibility that a lot of users would like such a feature?

I would really appreciate your feedback. :pray:t3:

// @BrotherC @BambuLab


There is no need to discuss this further, this demand will not be allowed as it may result in loss of profits for Bambu.

When I bambu roll is empty I save the tags and write down what it used to be. Then when I switch from expensive bambu to cheaper other filament I use the old tag and change the settings of that tag to the new filament and voila a non bambu filament with rfid tag on it.
I don’t know if these tags can be copied if so one could make a place where you can share tags as file and program that on a new tag. Problem solved.

@Jelbert Erm… how do you change the settings of the RFID tag? :thinking:

I would like this function as well in the Bambu lab studio.