Extruder Click Noise

All time extruuder clickking how ı fix :frowning:

Need more context…
could be your printing temp is too low,
filament jam, filament stuck in AMS Hub.

I had the same happen once or twice. The nozzle stopped heating for some reason and did not allow any filament to be extruded. (Observe the temperature reading on the display)

A restart did it for me.
But feel free to share the 3mf file you are printing so that we can have a look.

I had this after I paused the print in between a filament swap, before he did load the new filament from the ams in.

To do a petg noozle clean (outside) and after push start again he tried to load the new filament in, but the extruder did not catches it. I do not know why. :man_shrugging:

Had to restart the printer.

And will never do a print pause in between an ams filament switch again.

Well this is a Gcode issue, at the start of every print it’s trying to either retract or purge the filament before the temp is high enough on the nozzle to melt the filament. I think it simply needs a different temp setting before this starts. I’ll have to look at my setting and see where it is.

I’d this recently on my A1 and in my case the clicking was caused by a partially clogged hotend. I swapped it out with a spare one and the clicking sound went away thereafter.

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i had the same issue, apparently both my AMS Lite Filament Motor and the Hub failed to work and then the extruder started to fail.

Did you resolve this issue?

this issue % 100 nozzle get stuck i cleared nozzle and changed filament brand its fixed !

  1. Step clear nozzle 251. 0+ deggree
    2 Step change filament brand.
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Yup I figured this out last night but I was not confident with my nozzle cleaning, evening doing cold pulls. I decided to change the nozzle completely and no more issues. Oh yeah I change from using that filament that caused the issue. I won’t use it anymore. No more cheap filament. Pay a few dollars for better quality and worry clog free prints.

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