Extruder Clog continuously problem

For the last two days I can’t print anything. While it starts to print normally, suddenly a filament sticks inside the extruder and clogs. I have changed both extruder and hotend. I have also done calibration. I think something is blocking the thread. I wonder if the AMS is to blame on the power supply

Have you tried printing from the external spool holder?

Yes. It works fine. I think that all the problem is the spool that is not in very good condition (not properly unfolding) But i m not sure. I just print a piece with no problem but i was watching and helping the ams all the time

I looks like you may be experiencing heat creep issue where the the filament (mainly PLA) is getting too hot and becoming deformed causing your pull back issue. Try printing with the door open or lid off or both especially if you are in an area where the room temperature seems to be hotter. There are many posts on heat creep in the community forums.

From my experience, this jamming is probably caused by printing PLA or other filaments that soften at low temperatures with the door closed.
I often see people printing with the door closed to reduce noise during printing.

Typical appearance of heat creep where the filament gets too warm above the hotend entry thus becomes compressed and stuck between the feeding gears and the hotend entry unable to move in either direction.
possible root causes: ambient temperatures around the extruder high; very slow print speeds; high retraction values

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