Extruder touches the plate how do I fix it?

Hi people see this video from this link extruder touches the plate how do I fix it?

See this video

I don’t have a P1P

Do you use stock start g-code or custom ?

Do you get any error codes on the display ?

Do you have a settings menu on the display screen to do “Start Calibration” ?

Do you get any error codes now ?

They have had the bed cable break wires or get poor connections and also force sensor problems.

Might open a support ticket it will be a few days anyways.

Keep us updated

the printer is new, nothing has been touched and I have calibrated everything

Ok all stock and settings being used.

Also it will touch in the middle to home normally I think you already know that but my X1 will not make that loud stepper Z noise like you have.

I would check the Bed Tramming maybe the knobs are too tight so the force sensors are not being detected held in a close state.

I heard that the bambulab says that this of the video is normal that the p1p must do it and must touch the nozzle for two seconds the plate

I have a P1P, the video is not normal behaviour. The nozzle will touch the plate but only for a split second, there is no pause and no stepper noise. It looks like the load sensing is not working correctly.

It looks like the printer is trying to drag the nozzle into the build plate.
It will hit the build plate, but definitely won’t drag it in.