Extrusion stopping mid print

I have had a P1S for a couple of weeks. I have been having an issue with eSun PETG prints stopping extruding 100-200g into a 1000g 24 hour print, the printer keeps going without extruding.

The print up to then look reasonable.

I have tried changing the hotend to no effect. and the nozzle doesn’t seem clogged once I pull out the filament and put it back in.

I effectively did a hot pull of the filament on the most recent failure and it came out odd, I was expecting a patch that had been ground off by the extruder, but it seems flattened, and is wider than it should be.

I had an issue with the original SD card once it got about 60% full but have since replaced it with a Samsung one

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?