Failed prints

This has been happening with a lot of my prints, anyone know why this would be happening? Also this does not happen with every print, but is a reocurring issue

Hi !

Hard to say what causing the problems, try to specify, when the problem occur in more detailed way like:

What type of filament do you use, what is the printing speed, if it occurs only during first layers etc…

It looks like the problem happened during first few layers, look like there is not the best adhesion of the layers to the heatbed plate. What about the printer head cover ? It fell of ? Or you put it down?

It could be the combination of more factors, like bad adhesion on the bed plate, too fast print speed, bad nozzle and heatbed temperature settings, or if someone open the window it also affect the print, especially if your printer doesn´t have enclosure…

So I do notice you’re using the black textured PEI build plate, this release failed terribly by Bambu Labs and is why it’s since been discontinued from the store. It was notorious for not adhering correctly from the beginning and although they sold it they developed and fixed the issues with their gold textured PEI plate then phased out the black one.

I’d suggest purchasing their gold one which is incredibly better with adhesion. To be able to use this plate you’d be better off using some scotch brite pads to rough the surface a bit.

Hope all goes well

Did you determine what was the problem?

I ordered a smooth bed plate, so once that arrives I’ll find out if that has been an issue.

It’s hard to tell from this photo.

maybe you had (or had a clogged hot end). I wasn’t 100% certain how to clean the hot end, so I removed the hot end and secured it in a position so I could heat the hot end the silicon cover was already off. I have a Infrared Laser Thermometer, can’t have enough tools. The lockwire is something I used to repair equipment while in the Navy and it seemed like a perfect match to clear the clog. The lockwire I had is stainless steel Dia of 0.041 or 1.04 mm. From the picture you can see it a good fit, There are other sizes of lockwire which I’m going to see if it will work better. The Lockwire was a very good size and I was able to push the filament out of the hot end. I did a follow up and cleared the end with the small tool provided with the printer. it cleared the hot end. Eventually I did get the printer to print. But I had a problem that fixed it self not sure how?
The problems was “I’ll call it Phantom printing” the printer was moving and I received a msg print complete and went to check my new 3D print, I went to the printer and nothing was on the plate. Not sure how I fixed it but I cycled the power and tried a few things and the printer started to print again.

I have been working with vinyl to change the interior color of my vette and had some tools that although not made to a 3D printer work perfect to clean the bed. Plastic scrapper with rubber edge, and a small and a large Bondo spreader, I know I can print a tool using the printer. But some times if you have tool to use try it out see if it might work better.
I have pics but can’t seem to fin how to share,