Failed to cut the filament

About 12h into a multicolor print I got the error, “Failed to cut the filament. Please check the cutter. After troubleshooting, click the retry button. [0700 8001 074319]”

The printer’s poop chute got clogged. I cleaned it out and hit resume, but the printer seemed to be stuck in a loop where even though the filament had been retracted and the chute was clear, Retry always brought me back to the same error. I had to abort the print, and then everything was back to normal and working fine.

I think there is some check that isn’t working properly in the firmware related to that cutter error check.

I had to replace the PCB of the printhead. Please open a support ticket to get a spare part.

Thanks. Hopefully someone from Bambu can respond after they return from the Chinese New Year holiday.