Failed to pull back filament

I have had this come up a few times but last night was more frustrating due to the length of print. The unit gives a “failed to pull back the filament” error and I see that the unit has not wound up the spool properly and there is a pile of it inside the AMS… This has happened with random and bambu filament. Any known fixes for this?


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Is is only occurring on one slot in your AMS?. The feeder motor may be failing or has failed on that slot in your AMS. Same thing happened to me.

No, it has happened in at least slots 1-3

If the filament isn’t winding back onto the spool it normally means the spool isn’t sitting on the rollers correctly. Also check to make sure the spool is not bulged and catching.


Ok I will inspect the positioning more closely. It has happened with at least three types monoprice, bambu and creality and all were plastic

I have this problem too after the last update. Really annoying. My spools are fit correctly it’s just a stupid bug.

I have to say that I notice more an more failures creeping in and that not a good development…