Faster Customer Support Idea

What if Support Tickets could be answered by vetted users?
Ever see the website where certified mechanics help resolve car problems?
And if they were to have direct contact with Bambu parts (AD Boards Etc.) could be handled by them. A completed ticket with full satisfaction earns them money, points towards purchasing store items, idk get creative, the best of the best resolvers get badges early release options etc?
Just a thought. I’m not at that level but if they filtered everything down to you just having to ship replacement parts if necessary it would probably speed things up on your end.
Just a thought.

Duplicate post.

Sounds like a good idea, if one could elaborate about the following (I assume that this should be answered by support anyway)

  • why do people contact support via the ticket system i.e. which are the most common subjects, reasons ?
  • could it be that many of the tickets could be solved if people would make it a habbit to READ the manual and WIKI completely ?
  • could it improve if people would start entering the adventure of 3D printing a bit more prepared, i.e. watch Yt videos for 3-4 weeks,read here in the forum and the FB groups etc ?

The people from outside BL would have to accept a certain responsibility towards customers, would I accept that ?

Yes, if you/anyone have/has a question, they should ask a the question here openly without prior contacting support and the persons you are referring to should then decide whether the answer can be given by the public group or dedicated people or whether the person asking will be given a ticket number, which would open the “door” into the BL ticket system.

Similar system may be applied here in my country with the weeken/night service if medical help services at hospitals, which are crowded with people during weekend just to show a red nose or something lese,. not really serious, whilst people with serious stuff have to wait like 5 hours,. Call the hotline first and then it will be decided where you may go.

just an idea

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Yeah, I posted to website ideas first and then thought it didn’t belong there. I couldn’t figure out how to delete it though.

This is a disconnect between the maker community and the retail buyer. This printer is marketed as a Retail machine for the Retail market. Retail buyers expect a $1000 machineto come with Retail support from the company that made it. Bambu made a monumental miscalculation on the support staffing. They should have known they were going to get millions of tickets for clogged nozzles and unclean beds, etc.

Many people were waiting for a well priced printer to come along that was ready for retail market that was pain free to use. So any pain at all is a ticket.

Creality and others were able to hit a price point so low that the maker market fully expected to be handed a cheaper-than-dirt glorified pile of 2nd rate E-waste parts and be ready to fix it and limp it along with ZERO factory support.

And the cherry on top is Bambu is treating the firmware software like its Retail software and not releasing engineering level debugging guides. This leads to MORE tickets from the maker community who is unable to peek under the hood to resolve their own problems.

The idea is excellent and, in many cases, would be pretty effective. Nevertheless, maybe there are not enough vetted users or at least available for the purpose. However, in many other issues, it would be challenging and risky to set up a troubleshooting procedure for machines we do not have information on, such as logs, signal and connection diagrams.

Note that I am a pleased customer. I already had two issues (1 technical and one bureaucratic,) and it went very well despite their lack of HR compared to other users’ reports. Nonetheless, during the ticket period, whilst providing the intel required, I continued assessing the printer, ordering a few spares, which permitted me to identify the faulty component, which BL later confirmed., and provided a new one.

I have to agree partially with @Nimrod. Yet, in my opinion, the central issue is the assumption that a 3d printer (1000$ or 10k$) is a consumer product instead of a hobby or professional tool, which is still at a low technology readiness level and so requires knowledge or at least the will to dedicate time to learning.
I am not criticising. I made that mistake not long ago, which I only realised when I carefully looked at the 3D printing process and the panoply of scientific areas involved (e.g., mechanical, thermal, fluid flow, automation, IT, materials, etc…).

Bambu Lab printers were and are a breakthrough in 3D printing technology through a reliable simplification and automatisation of the 3D printing process, making the utopic reality of 3D printers as mass products more tangible. However, the reasonable and hopefully successful business model relies on know-how protection, limiting public information and increasing the dependence on the company’s customer support centre.

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Give me access to my log files on printer that aren’t encrypted.

Totally agree with you all. It would have to be either restricted to simple troubleshooting OR like in my particular case I just need a new AP board. I broke it. My fault not a warranty issue. I want to purchase one. 4 days after my ticket was entered I get an email saying they need serial numbers and files etc. to cover this “warranty issue”. So I emailed him back and said “not a warranty issue, I need a board and then you have to help me bind it.” I get this response in broken english:

Here,I see that my colleague has replied to your message and you have also provided the address information.
I believe my colleague will send you an AP board or an invoice order back.
I will close this work order soon, you can directly place another order and wait for my colleague to send you one.”

Do I enter another ticket? Am I going to be contacted? This is something that someone could answer within moments/hours of entering and place a simple order with the warehouse directing me to a payment page or something. As far as people asking “dumb” questions", well, that’s exactly why this would awesomely speed up the process. If you have vetted people snatching simple tickets and closing them out that quickly weeds it down to higher level issues. Even in the auto help tickets there is different “tiers” of vetted help and I guess it would be up to Bambu to decide how much they want you to know and maybe you take a “test” and of course would be rated on ticket satisfaction which they could review. The shipping is “OK” The packaging is great, the product is great, customer support sucks. And do they want to keep it like an Aplle Iphone or just lift the encryptions and become even more popular… up to them I guess.

Is your ticket closed?

Still open at the moment. The answer has me keeping an eye on it though.:rofl:

In that case, there is no reason to create a new one :slightly_smiling_face:
The ticket should only be closed when your printer is operational again.

Yessir. Just keeping an eye on it.

"model relies on know-how protection, limiting public information " Disagree → see Prusa
Moreover ,. the business model of BL relies on opensource stuff, shame on them to not open their part of that.

Or what if people came here for support by vetted users (or anyone who wants to help) instead of always first opening a support ticket? :thinking:

Id say if they refuse to open source the software, we should refuse to open source the support. Unless they want to come to work with me and do half my job for free

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