Idea For Faster Customer Support

What if Support Tickets could be answered by vetted users?
Ever see the website where certified mechanics help resolve car problems?
And if they were to have direct contact with Bambu parts (AD Boards Etc.) could be handled by them. A completed ticket with full satisfaction earns them money, points towards purchasing store items, idk get creative, the best of the best resolvers get badges early release options etc?
Just a thought. I’m not at that level but if they filtered everything down to you just having to ship replacement parts if necessary it would probably speed things up on your end.
Just a thought.

I am totally up for that.

Sounds good to me as well.

Or what if people came here for support by vetted users (or anyone who wants to help) instead of always first opening a support ticket? :thinking:

msinger … can you order me a new AD board and bind it please? Just kidding.

You can, but I am on side by side , truck, vintage car pages and people dole sout some pretty darn awful advice. Obiously that’s more catastrophic when rebuilding an engine… but it could lead people down some wrong paths. IDK. just thought, or maybe you’re right if they had a badge because they proved to Bambu they knew their stuff and had their “blessing” because they give solid advice? Like I said, I was just spitballing. I’d love for tickets to pop up and grab one I know I could handle.

Personally, I’d rather only hear from Bambu Lab support if that’s who I’m contacting. When I want to get help from fellow Bambu Lab owners, then I’ll post here instead.

I think it is intended to go through this bottleneck of the customer service. It is sadly an very common way of business nowadays to make the service alow and unreachable - in this way more and more people giving up to open waranty cases or reclamations, so they can safe money…

There is liability issue with non employees answering support tickets. Not something a legit business would ever take on

Possibly. I was only suggesting people come here for answers from non employees.

That is what this is supposed to be for is to come here for answers. The problems is not to many here know enough about bambu printers to really be of good help.

There are some but not a lot. There are more problem questions than answers