FAT nozzle?

Has anyone tried using nozzles >0.8mm, e.g. using one of the ali 3rd party hotends that take V6 nozzles?

I’d like to make prints in vase mode that have thicker walls and that show off the layer lines, as opposed to trying to hide them. I’m trying to understand the options…

If I understand correctly, the ali hotends actually provide special shortened nozzles so to use a std V6 nozzle I probably have to do the “chimera mod” to get the nozzle in the right place?

You could drill out a standard Bambu nozzle to 1 or 1.2mm.

That’s an idea! I guess the 0.4mm stainless (not hardened) ought to work and presumably if the drilled surface is a bit rough it shouldn’t matter too much if it’s that big? I have to look whether I can figure out how deep I need to drill…

Well it will be 1.75mm until the melt zone where the heating element is and the nozzle size starts, so you should be able to drill through into the 1.75 part.

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I use the Ali CHT nozzles with 1mm size and they now started making a non-CHT 1.2mm nozzle. I have not tried the 1.2mm yet but the 1mm prints nicely. Had to make a custom profile for it, but it was not too hard, just had to modify the line size etc.